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    Recycling Offset Credits
    (pronunciation ~ ROCKS)

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    RecycleNet (recycle.net)

    Recycling Offset Credits - ROCs

    Recycling is an activity that provides immense value to society. The economic benefit and green impact of recycling is largely understated and therefore is under-acknowledged or hidden.

    Historically the value of a scrap commodity largely determined if a material was recycled or discarded for disposal. With the evolution of Disposal Tip Fees, a method of determining a voidance or waste diversion value was adopted.

    Until the concept of having a neutral Footprint was considered, the impact of not mining or harvesting new raw materials, not incurring the transportation and processing cost throughout the manufacturing chain and ultimate disposal cost have not been considered as a real or tangible calculated value.  RecycleNet has established a program to recognize the hidden economic and environmental impact of recycling.

    The Recycling Offset Credits program (ROCs) is a method to measure actual tons of material recycled. When materials are recycled by ROC Participants, RecycleNet Corporation awards a Recycling Offset Credit for each ton of material recycled. The ROCs (Recycling Offset Credits) may be redeemed for a certificate verifying the accumulated tonnage recycled.

    Become a ROCs Sponsor

    As a sponsor you have the opportunity to directly impact the rate of recycling by participating in the ROCs program. You may become a ROCs Sponsor simply by providing economic support.

    ROCs can focus recycling efforts on a specific geography or a targeted commodity. The ROCs program provides a direct economic incentive to recycle materials that may have not otherwise been recycled.

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