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    RecycleNet Composite Index
    Welcome to ScrapIndex.com
    a service of RecycleNet (recycle.net)

    Providing commodity price and market trend information for the recycling industry.
    Multiple options and styles of price reports available.

    Daily Spot Market Prices

    Daily Spot Market Prices

    Daily Snapshot at 10:00am EST
    Available on Pay-Per-View

    Scrap Prices

    Composite Indexes

    7 Day, 30 Day, 90 Day,
    1 Year & 2 Year
    Trend Graphs
    Includes Daily Spot Market
    Monthly & Annual Subscriptions

    Scrap Prices

    Historical Price Data

    Monthly, Quarterly or Annual
    Charts & Graphs
    By the Grade

    Commodity Heartbeat Reports     -     Custom Reports Available

    provides a wide range of scrap commodity pricing and recycling market trend information services.

    Information contained in ScrapIndex.com,
    ( spot market prices, market trend reports and the historical pricing data )
    is generated from internal proprietary data from
    The Recycler's Exchange and ROCs Reports
    and may not reflect external markets or transactions.

    ScrapIndex.com is a service of RecycleNet (recycle.net),
    RecycleNet provides no warranty as to the accuracy, errors or omissions in the information provided,
    in addition RecycleNet assumes no liability resulting from the use of the information published.
    It is RecycleNet's intent to publish the pricing information on a regular, timely basis
    but provides no guarantee as to the schedule.
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